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this is the debut album by plug

plug is:
tyler lutz on vocals
scott corbin on guitar
zach brin on guitar
reed deangelis on bass
raul vela IV on drums
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Bass on the record was played by Chris Ulsh of Mammoth Grinder, Power Trip, Hatred Surge, and The Impalers.

recorded by zach brin and reed deangelis in the winter of 2010 and spring of 2012

mixed by austin corley at renaissance recordings in austin, tx
[ ]

mastered by rob and nick at new alliance east
[ ]

"state violence, state control" by discharge
"the money will roll right in" by fang

PLUG is a heavy, noisy, sci-fi-chedelic punk band from San Antonio, TX, and our debut record is called BACK ON THE SKULL.

The band includes Tyler Lutz (Lie and Wait, FEED), Zach Brin (Lie and Wait, FEED, Bitter End), Reed DeAngelis (Iron Age, Bitter End, The Mites), Scott Corbin (On My Side), and Raul Vela IV (FEED, The Mites, Gleeson).

....Well the above press bio was from the band themselves. It tells you the talent behind this great band and what to expect as well but it only tells half the story. As PLUG's debut album - Back On The Skull is a raging beast of Sludge/Doom/Space-Rock/Hardcore/Punk/Stoner Metal pummelling riffs.
It's fast and furious from the word go. Plus it's fucking insane. PLUG don't stick to one genre, they mix them all together and come up with something crazy. But you can't deny how damn catchy it is. Full of awesome riffs. These guys maybe a bit schizophrenic but at least they know how to have a great fucking time in the process.
Check out excellent tracks - Babysmile, Back On The Skull, Pigbomb, Cadence and the superb 9 minute epic - Sphere 3 which includes some awesome prog Stoner/Sludge Metal riffs. Sphere 9 is worth it for the album download alone.
You know what I am going to say. Headover to BandCamp and download this now on Buy Now Download. This album will have you rocking out in no time at all. It's a fucking superb album. So get downloading now!!!!
Excellent and Highly Recommended.

PLUG emerged from a cold stasis and into the hot, Texas sun in the year 2010. The sounds that emerge from its gullet are often described as being loud, hard rock and roll. Its debut record, BACK ON THE SKULL, is a collection of 11 heavy hitting tracks in the vein of Unsane, Melvins, Kyuss and Helmet. Turn it up and bang your head.?

Texas has always been a place where great hardcore, punk or pretty much any genre of music you could think of comes out of.
PLUG features members of FEED, The Mites, Bitter End, Iron Age, Mammoth Grinder, On My Side, and Lie and Wait. You don't need to be from Texas to see that list and know that what is on BACK ON THE SKULL is written by very talented musicians.
This album easily has the ability to be one of the best psych/noise/rock album of 2013. You can hear influences from Helmet, The Wipers, Black Sabbath and Melvins all in this fuzzy and rockin 11 track album. With one of the noisy-ist Discharge and Fangs cover thrown right in that honestly just make this album so much cooler. This album in total is just loud, hard, and not something you need to pass up at all. I know I regret passing up the last time they played in Houston.

Gods, minus their bandcamp, it’s nigh impossible figuring out what these guys are all about. Tried looking on metallum, ended up with this deceased band called Plug-in. Tried Facebook and ended up with the interest page “buttplug”. [what the actual fuck, guys?!] But eventually I managed to track down their page without so much exposure to perversity and all manner ov nastiness. Their style is apparently “Sci-fi-chedelic Noise Rock” based out ov San Antonio, Texas. So, judging from how difficult and annoying it was to glean information on these guys, what can we expect ov their music? Pretty much the same excruciating experience listening to them as the search, at least from experiencing the first song they present us, entitled “Babysmile”.
Sci-fi-chedelic noise rock. Let’s just focus for a second on that description and let it sink in. From my experience with noise, most ov which has been positive, there doesn’t appear to be any correlation with how this band plays or presents itself. If anything, there are elements ov psychedelic rock mixed almost with a sludge-metally kind ov sound, and all ov it just annoys the ever-loving piss out ov me. The vocalist especially, with his pseudo singing / yelling style kind ov akin to Helmet. The majority ov the time, I don’t think I could even listen to this in a positive light without getting high or drunk, and the only notable thing this band has going for it is the solo-work, which come off tasteful but mildly sloppy, as seen in Rainbow to Hell. There are parts that are relatively noteworthy later on in this album as well, however, such as the track Cadence. Not metal or even hard rock by any means, but it has a good rhythm. Even the vocalist knows how to bring more to the table than whiny pseudo-screamsinging. If only the rest ov the album was like this, it wouldn’t make me hate it so much
All in all, this release did not impress me. They promised heaviness when there wasn’t any, their style is at best watered-down psychedelic sludge rock, and the vocalist needs to either shut the fuck up with the majority ov the songs or get better at whatever style he’s aiming to achieve. Only thing remarkable about this release is the percussion and soloing, with only a handful ov memorable riffs and percussive interludes. These few insights are probably the only strongsuits this band has going for it. If the worst ov bands like Helmet or the Melvins are your thing, then check this out. Otherwise, avoid like the plague.

PLUG is described as a heavy, noisy, sci-fi-chedelic punk band from San Antonio, TX. When I read the description I had a preconceived notion of what Back On The Skull was going to sound like but man was I wrong - this is actually some pretty good stuff! Sure it is in fact noisy, but it's also much heavier than I was expecting and has a really cool doomy/stoner vibe to it.
What I wasn't expecting though was the grooviness of it all. Songs like "Rainbow To Hell" and "Pigbomb" quickly seep into your soul and compel you to move to the groove. Also worth noting is a pretty cool, high-energy cover of Discharge's "State Violence, State Control". "Sphere 3" closes out the disc with a drony sludginess that is powerful and hypnotic but at just over 9 minutes it felt too long and I found my interest waning a bit.
Overall though I think Back On The Skull is a good record and if you like your metal shaken, dirty, and with a bit of an attitude, than this might be right up your alley!

With more hip grinding grooves than a dozen pole dancing establishments, and certainly heavier boned treats, Back On The Skull the debut album from Texan noise rockers Plug enslaves and dances with the passions in exhausting and riveting style. With jackhammer rhythms powering ridiculously addictive grooves and equally seductive riffs, the eleven track juggernaut creates a loud and virulently compelling storm which is far too easy to greedily devour to surely be safe for any of us.
Formed in 2010 and consisting of ex and current members of Mammoth Grinder, Iron Age, Bitter End, FEED, and The Mites, Plug merges a voracious mix of noise and hard rock with metallic sinews and punk antagonism whilst stoner and psychedelic enticements add their seduction. It is an exhaustive and breath-taking brew which simply ignites the imagination and passion. Imagine a tonic being made up from the essences of Unsane, Melvins, Torche, Red Fang, and Helmet whilst Dead Kennedys pees in the pot and you get a reasonably close dose to what Plug has to offer. It is a sound which is not exactly unique but neither is it without a distinctive flavour and intrigue of its very own, Back On The Skull working and playing hard from the moment it touches the ears and rewarding with a torrent of mouth-watering intensity and noisy drama clad adventure.
The San Antonio quintet of vocalist Tyler Lutz, guitarists Scott Corbin and Zach Brin, drummer Raul Vela IV, and Chris Ulsh of Mammoth Grinder, Power Trip, Hatred Surge, and The Impalers who provides the bass guitar for the album (Reed Deangelis the band’s current bassist), immediately chomp on the ears with opener Babysmile. Riffs and rhythms are almost grinning as they launch their muscular persuasion; a mischief soaking their thumping lure which evolves into a full swagger as the track extends its temptation with a rousing stroll through infection soaked grooving aligned to rhythmic taunting. The vocals of Lutz match the call of the music and with all aspects making an anthemic union, there is an irresistible recruitment of total attention and submission from its recipient.
Meanwhile… is more than eager to back-up the immense start, its own wanton romp swinging brazenly between rhythmic coverlegs as grooves and riffs again cast a spell of noise bred contagion for a minute and a half before evolving into the title track. Bringing a heavier weighted energy and intent, the third song stalks its victim with a leaden prowl wrapped in scuzz lilted melodies and harmonically scorched vocals. There is an element of The Pixies and more so Melvins to the smouldering intensive bait on show but again it only flavours a magnetic sonic causticity distinct to Plug.
A potent bass coaxing opens up next track Rainbow To Hell, the song continuing the arguably subtle shifts in character through the early tracks on the album but equally increasing that variety with its sludge coated predation of the imagination. A slower burner than its predecessors, the immersive encounter employs further detailed yet restrained twists and turns in its invention within a patient consumption. It does not quite match those early heights either but easily reinforces the appetite ready for the likes of the following cover of Discharge’s State Violence, State Control. Bringing a greater carnivorous breath through the guitars to the song to replace the more violent aggression of the original, it is a satisfying provocation though it pales against the bands own tempting.
Pigbomb and Cadence steal their hefty portion of the acclaim next, the first rife with intensive rabidity and discord lined scuzziness as well as another groove and collection of hooks to drool over whilst the second is a sultry psychedelic/stoner flight through a heated climate of melodic exploration. Though another not to make a quick suasion, it is an absorbing drift through evocative textures and new intrigue from the release. Their allurement is soon pushed aside by the outstanding Hideous Rex, a ravenous track which does not rush its attack but unrelentingly nags with dark rapacious riffs and a hefty atmosphere which feels like it is licking its bulging lips as it smothers the senses.
A great cover of the Fang track The Money Will Roll Right In steps up next, its sonic grazing speared by another addiction forging groove and great squalling vocals, before the rampancy of Mexican Death Hammer unleashes its claim for best track with a torrent of bruising riffs and crippling rhythms spiced with a sonic web of discord leaning crafted invention. It is a glorious incitement for the passions and does indeed steal top honours from a flood of exceptional encounters.

The release is completed by the epic Sphere 3, a nine minute dronathon of menacing intensity and invasive sonic toxicity washed over by spellbinding vocal harmonies. It is a meditative danger which seduces from first doom seeping note to its last corrosive breath, and though for personal tastes probably a couple of minutes too long to hold attention tightly nearing its end, the track is a dark beauty of an evocation to end a scintillating release.
Available as a buy now name your price release at their Bandcamp profile, Back On The Skull is an epidemically riveting and thrilling encounter which thrusts Plug right up there with the likes of Torche, Kylesa, Buzzov*en, Orange Goblin and the like. This is an album all riff hankerers must add to their sonic landscapes.


released January 25, 2017



all rights reserved


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