Missiles of October "hangover ep" (pogo 045)

by pogorecords

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Missiles of October are:
Lionel Beyet: bass & scream
Bob Seytor: drums
Mathias Salas: guitar & scream

Missiles of October is a side project formed in december 2011 by:
Bob Seytor (from Rotyes, ex-Contingent , Walpurgis),
Mathias Salas (Rotyes, Frau Blücher and the drünken horses, ex-Galvanize),
Lionel Beyet ([P.U.T], ex-Monster Eaters, Gros Peter, No Hope for All)

All songs and texts by Missiles of October
Recorded 14 july 2012 at Brussels, Belgium by Yves Vranckx
Mixed & Mastered august 2012 at Epone, France by Nicolas Beyet
Artwork by Sisca Locca

Thanks to our loves, families and friends for support,
Special thanks to Yves, Nicolas and Sisca Locca for their precious help.

For fresh news and rumours:


25.09.12: Brussels @ Magasin 4 + Stinking Lizaveta (US) + Darsombra
05.10.12: Brussels @ Garcia Lorca + Frau Blücher + Horny Bitches (CA)
22.10.12: Brussels @ London Calling + The Hard-Ons (Au)
29.11.12: Leuven @ Rock Café + Frau Blücher and the drünken Horses
30.11.12: Brussels @ Le GUé + Progerians
13.12.12: Gent @ Charlatan + Vandal X
15.12.12: Brussels @ Garcia Lorca + Rotyes + Krakoukass + Dyson's

26.01.13: Liege @ L'ile au trésors + Frau Blücher
12.02.13: Gent @ Muziekcentrum Kinky Star + Le Singe Blanc
22.02.13: Koln @ Limes + Grant National
01.03.13: la louviere @ Café des Arts + Pignition
02.03.13: Liège @ garage + Grant National + Celebrate your mother
08.03.13: Brussels @ DNA + Herscher (Fr)
13.03.13: Mons @ Bateau ivre + Don Vito (orga. Déwane collective)
16.03.13: Kortrijk @ cinéPalace + Frau Blücher & the drünken horses
29.03.13: Brussels @ RTT + Djevara (uk) (orga: BangBangBooking)
30.03.13: Amsterdam (Nl) @ ADM+ MonstersBuildMeanRobots (Uk)
31.03.13: Amsterdam (Nl) @ Rock n'roll Circus Festival
25.04.13: Brussels @ Garcia Lorca + La Gachette (CA) + 1,2,3,4's
27.04.13: Heerlen (Nl) @ Cafe Bluff + Clarkys Bacon
01.06.13: Paris/Villejuif (Fr) @ La Bouée + King Phantom + Holy Holster + Dirty Pricks
05.06.13: brussels @ DNA + the Lumberjack feedback
21.06.13: Brussels @ Bunker - Festival du Fanzine
28.06.13: Metz (Fr) @ La Chaouée + Frau Blucher
28.08.13: Kortrijk @ The Pits + Jucifer (US)
13.09.13: Liège @ L'ile au trésors + Clarkys Bacon
14.09.13: Mons @ Phoenix + Clarkys Bacon
27.09.13: Lille (Fr) @ dame_c + Frau Blucher
28.09.13: Hengelo (Nl) @ De Nul + 2
07.11.13: Brussels @ Magasin 4 + Jucifer (US)

As you guys may have noticed, I’ve been swamped with work lately and there is all this amazing music out there and loads of bands sending their music to the blog. It takes a while before they get the attention they deserve. They always do though and all requests will be met; but just bear with me. It seems like the wrong kind of name for this October and November; when the missiles have actually been flying over there in Israel and Palestine. But I’m sure the Belgian trio from Missiles of October (whose name refers to the Cuba crisis) has absolutely no quarrel with either side. Featuring three members of bands such as [P.U.T], ex-Monster Eaters, Big Peter, No Hope for All, Rotyes, Frau Blucher and The Drunken Horses, ex-Galvanized, ex-Contingent, Walpurgis the guys go for a heavy, dirty and loud sound that leans heavily on punk and plasters that sound with a leak wall of cement ruckus. And just when you think you know where they will go with all this they suddenly slow it down and throw on noisy groove like a lumbering giant. Marvelous!

Missiles Of October assault your ears with some noise rock and post-hardcore. Discordant timings and abrasive riffs litter the songs with reckless abandon and you can almost hear the guitar strings breaking under the duress they are receiving.
Filthy basslines throb in tandem with the drums, giving the guitars a platform from which they can launch dirty fuzzed explosions of wonderfully crazed aggression. The despairing vocals add another layer with yells, screams and general shoutiness.
This is good shit - recommended

Missiles of October débarque en avril. Pochette signée Sisca Locca pour un premier EP 4 titres pour des membres évoluant ou ayant évolué dans beaucoup d'autres projets dont un seul me parle : [P.U.T]. Missiles of October allume la mèche d'un rock à la tête chercheuse d'emmerdes. De grosses emmerdes. Trio formation en rang serré, odeur de souffre et de baston, faire front devant l'adversité et asséner les coups en premier. Basse carnassière sur le titre d'ouverture Addictions, grosse caisse en avant, guitare crissante et chant fielleux et (d)éraillé vous soufflant sa mauvaise haleine dans la nuque. L'emmerde à une odeur de bas-fond new-yorkais et d'Unsane, dans sa version punk-noise que confirme le second morceau, Music for Hangover ou la fin de Wanna Be et son accélération constante, binaire, hargneuse. Missiles of October racle à basse altitude, sort l'artillerie lourde avec un son de bœuf en rut, n'est pas là pour faire dans la dentelle, est encore mal dégrossi mais pose, avec délectation et un goût de sang dans la bouche, les jalons d'un futur dont on aimerait vérifier la longue portée des missiles.

Their style draws mostly from punk and post-hardcore, with a noisy and powerful impact, harsh guitars and filthy bass lines.

Come on kids, we’re going on a trip to the ‘80s! Just kidding, but that is the feeling we’ll be experiencing with this latest EP from Missiles of October. This hardcore punk band from Brussels is really a slap in the face. First, let’s break down the typical hardcore punk make up of a song, bare bones; ripping bass lines, fast drum beats, heavy and sludgy guitar, oh, and vocals that sound like the kid who didn’t play an instrument and really wanted to be in the band. Well, there we go, we have Missiles of October.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the classic punk feel, that’s why the opening tune “Addiction” really caught my attention. I’m not a fan of the name for the punk rock outfit, but I have to admit, it’s one of those misleading titles. Right off the bat we get counted into an odd drumbeat that leads into two measures of just bass and drums. This is a favorable into to any punk album and it really complements the bands ability. However, enter the vocals; this is a really rough aspect of the band. Forgetting that he actually forms words, the vocals are a low roar, kind of out of place for this song.
It was a little unsettling to enter song two, “Music for Hangover”, after hearing the vocal talent. Yet, here we really hear the vocalist vibe with the band. “Music for Hangover” is a wicked grimey hardcore song that drones on for a little over four minutes, very classic feel to it. The aggression of the chords and the gritty vocals are married absolutely perfectly here, this is especially true if you’re a fan of that low level “fuck you” hardcore. The song itself is very simplistic in make up, yet that makes it no less enjoyable.
Jump ahead to the third song on “Hangover EP” and we are greeted with yet another odd drumbeat. If we were to go ahead and put a title track or single for this EP, “Dreadful Crash” would have to be it. The punk rock feel from “Addiction” hangs out in the drum and bass here, but we also have that droney guitar to complement the harsh, angry vocals that we experienced in “Music for Hangover.” Not to mention that this song just rips hard. The progression is very ascetically pleasing to all music enjoyers, it doesn’t speed up, it’s not too slow and its not too heavy. This is what hardcore punk was the day it first stepped out of the tailors.
Coming to the final song, we hear “Wanna Be.” This is a great song, coming up just short of the previous track as the number one choice. Listeners might actually find themselves seeing this song as the more obvious choice for a single track. The music is great; the guitar work is just as sludgy as it’s been throughout the EP, yet the feedback here really does it for me. The low tone and the screaming strings are just a real motivator for me to get angry. I will say this is probably the ideal song to hear their vocalist, his voice is just more in sync with all the instruments in this song. It sounds as if the band wrote the song around his lyrics or around his vocals, either way it turned out great. We are also accompanied by a wonderful driving bass line that you can really sink your teeth into, nothing too crazy, but man oh man does it push the whole song forward.
Here’s the best part to any punk/hardcore band EP; the ending. It’s the last 30 seconds of “Wanna Be” to be exact, and it is nothing but the end of a show, drums getting faster and going crazy, stings speeding up and whining in your ears. The only aspect lacking from this final part of the EP is the typical evil yell from the vocalist. All in all, the EP is a pleasurable experience. I would strongly encourage any punk and/or hardcore fan to give it a listen.
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Tanner Kelley

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released September 16, 2012



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