daark​/​/​liight - even behind the clouds (pogo 059)

by pogorecords

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official release date: 29th of August 2014

"lurking in shadows"
... I thought this one would be a good opener because it's bridging typical electro sounds (beats / bass / synths) from garlic.wav and the elements of the daark//liight project (rock drum kit / guitars). Similar base ideas but with a different twist. The little 3 notes melody is improvised and played live (maybe I've edited a note or two).

"mechanized terror" was built around a guitar riff which in my mind was more industrial sounding. Probably quite influenced by Godflesh and co. For this reason, it's also close to a track like "it ain't gonna be fun" by [P.U.T]: same riff over and over, strange sounds : screams in the background...
The challenge about this kind of repetitive music is to build a tension and keep the interest of the listenner. Hopefully, I managed it

"In the name of God" was originally meant to be "for the love of God part2" because they both are long tracks, trying to induce a trance feeling, with a religious theme in mind. When, in the name of God, people are filming the decapitation of civilians, no need to look too far for what I mean by "religious theme".
Anyway, back to music. When I first played the riff, I knew the track would need to be long, that it would need time to develop its effect on listener. I kept jamming with it, even had a jam with the guys from Missiles Of October when I was in Brussels and could attend one of their reharsals. And then I found out that this riff was very very close to a Converge song. Shit! But I've decided to keep it anyway, because I think the end result is far from that Converge song, and because I'm into sampling music, and that's kind of sampling in a way.
What I also like about this track is the fact that it's a good mix of references to a lot of musics I like.

"first" was originally an entry for a Niveau Zero remix contest. I have submitted quite a few remixes for contests over the last few years and I must admit there is something exciting about it. Especially when you like the artists' music in the first place. Exciting, but also very frustrating because you invest a lot of energy and creativity for not much in return (yeah, you got it, I never won! he he). A little "thank you" would sometimes be enough but most of the time, you don't even get this.
BTW, enough whining. I worked on this remix with the idea of using basic elements from the original (especially the little melody) and incorporate the elements I was starting to play with at that time (again: guitars and rock drum kit). Also, I wanted a real bass. All this dubstep scene claims they have heavy bass, but my love for bass was influenced by Mick Harris' work (Scorn, Quoit, The Weakener, Lull, ...). And this so called dubstep scene (even if I enjoy acts like Niveau Zero) clearly doesn't understand what a real heavy bass is about. So I used my electric bass and tried to make it round and loud.
As mentioned above, I haven't won the contest, but the track is clearly a milestone on my journey to define daark//liight's sound. So it was reworked a bit (main beat, guitars and bass sound) and incorporated here. The original remix submission can be heard on garlic.wav's soundcloud page (soundcloud.com/garlic-wav/niveau-zero-feat-the-unik) and you should definitely check out Niveau Zero (www.niveauzero.net).

"even behind the clouds" working title was "daark 001". The double A was an intent to make it sound even darker than dark. From there I thought this music needed a new project name. Not that I think garlic.wav has a kind of stylistic limit, but as soon as I started incorporating big heavy guitars, I realized the sound and intent would be different enough that maybe it was time to start a different chapter under the "daark.wav" moniker.
The end result (there were many versions before this one!) is, I believe, quite dark indeed, but when my father heard a demo, he was positively impressed by its "harmonious" content. I thought maybe I had achieved something where light and darkness would coexist. And then I realized that light and darkness define each other, so I changed the name again and here we are.
While I was spending a nice day with my older son at Disneyland Paris, I took this picture of the sun behind clouds and thought it would be a nice album cover. Later thinking about track titles, it appeared to me that this track with this picture were fitting together quite nicely: searching sun behind the clouds.

"for the love of God" is the oldest track on this album. Christmas 2008, to celebrate the birth of my first son, I decided to have a new guitar. The main riff was one of the first I started playing. In order to record it properly, I bought an audio interface for my laptop and started exploring the possibilities of virtual amps... a journey that took me 6 years! (and more music toys purchase)
The first version of the track was longer, but it had to be long anyway. I wanted to build a tension with the same riff repeated over and over, variation being brought by the solo guitar. The reason is simple: I've been jamming over this riff for the last 6 years or so. That's the way we used to build tracks in [P.U.T]: a beat loops and hours of improvisation. That's why our tracks used to be very long.
Originally, I was thinking of having some vocals on this one. But I miss the confidence for this.


released August 29, 2014



all rights reserved


pogorecords Épône, France

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